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Today I will list some of my favorite skincare products that Im not only obsessed with, but more abusing at the moment (not only me, my two collegues as well).

We all know, it is a jungle out there when it comes to hair, makeup, face and body products and not always easy to find the most suitable ones.. The struggle is real yes...BUT, the beauty products I will mention below are used during our makeup preparations on clients and have always done wonders on our bride-to-be´s on their big day!

The products mainly covers the careful preparations done before the makeup application to make the skin clear and glowing once everything is in place.

1. Bioderma Sensible H2O (Micellar Water)

This was the first micellar water that started the era for cleansing water and no-rinse makeup remover. Today you can find many skincare brands adding the micellar water to their line.

I just can't live without this product and have actually throw away all my previous cleansing products.

I use it morning and evening and it gently cleanses makeup, dirt, and debris from the skin without stripping. You just soak a cotton pad with Bioderma and gently wipe to remove makeup from the face, lips and eyes (don't forget the neck!).

It is soothing and hydrating that I barely need to use a moisturizer afterwards, especially during the summers. Works on all skin types, yes in other words, this product is life!

It is always in my makeup bag and used frequently on our lovely brides ;)

2. Susanne Kaufmann "Lifting Mask Line A"

I started to use this mask a couple of months ago when a client from New York introduced it to me for the first time. I had never used any product from the Susanne Kaufmann line before but oh-boy this was something!

It immediately gives you a firming and smoothing effect without leaving the skin greasy or heavy, which is perfect before applying the makeup. The consistence is creamy and you take a small amount, apply it, leave it for 15-20 min, then rinse of with water or cotton pads soaked with Bioderma and voilá!

As many of our brides are stressed on their wedding day, this mask is a life-saver for that instant younger, hydrated and glowing appearance of the skin.

3. Natura Bisse "The Cure Sheer Cream"

Seriously! The Cure Sheer Cream must be one of the best, if not the best moisturizer, BB, SPF, sheer tint cream ever made in a jar! Not only does it come with all the properties mention, but also detoxifies, hydrates and increase the production of collagen.

I love using this product daily on my skin and use it often before applying makeup on clients.

This is more of a moisturizer than a tinted cream, but it still gives a bit of even-toned color to the skin and suits all skin tones.

This product is perfect for climates, like the one we have in Capri as it protects the skin from the sun (SPF 20) without creating a heavy coverage as it is water-based so you won't sweat it off or clog your pores!

4. Laura Mercier "Foundation Primer Radiance"

Glow! Glow! and more Glow! That is what this amazing primer from Laura Mercier gives your skin! It creates a smooth surface and turn down the look of pores, fine lines, and redness.

I personally use this primer after my moisturizer for that perfect glow all day even on lazy days when Im not using any foundation at all.

Best way to use this products is to apply it after moisturizing the skin. You can also mix it with your daily cream or foundation and then apply it directly on skin followed by your makeup application. It helps makeup glide on easily and last longer, so your look stays fresh and colour-true for hours.



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